Why do you need concrete stain?

The finishing touch is the next important thing subsequent to the durability of the base when it comes to a structure. Whether it’s a residential, commercial and industrial property, the final touch is always the most prominent and significant part of the construction process. Any building can have a sturdy and durable foundation, but not all structure can achieve the most striking, eye-catching and artistic design.

At, Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro we always aim to provide an ultimate touch with high-grade quality, creative design, ingenious plan, and your desired polish. Thus, concrete stain is one of our preferred floor coatings. We have the expert concrete stain contractors in Montgomery to help you find the best texture, dye, and design for your next floor project.

Hence, we have listed all the reason why you need a concrete stain. You might be surprised that it doesn’t merely offer aesthetics, but it is beyond that. At the end of this article, we might have convinced you to include this on your next renovation project or even on your new property.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Probably among all stain, this is something you will not wish to fade away suddenly but don’t worry because it does not deteriorate quickly. In fact, stained concrete can help extend the durability of your floor. Aside from that, there are more benefits that might surprise you. We listed down the top advantages of concrete stains.

Aesthetic appearance

Stained concrete can resemble marble, glazed stone, slate, travertine or terra cotta. It can efficiently transform an ordinary concrete slab into an elegant and sophisticated flooring. Even for already installed floors the surface only needs acid-stain by using a suitable color or staining agent.

​Modernized advancements in mixing and setting have permitted designers to achieve a nearly infinite mixture of color and texture effects utilizing this extremely flexible material.

Low maintenance

A stained concrete application is notably affordable flooring solution even for large structures such as industrial and commercial buildings and also homes. Aside from the cheaper cost compared to marbles and glazed stone it requires uncomplicated and inexpensive maintenance.

​It’s as simple as sweep and mop cleaning process because concrete floors do not trap dust, mold, and other allergens. But if you want to ensure that the finish is preserved, simply sealed it with an epoxy or urethane coating.


Concrete stains are incredibly durable as it is far less susceptible to peeling, chipping, discoloration and fading. If you choose to acid stain your concrete floor it can help protect against the tension from cumbersome equipment, such as cars, trucks, forklifts, and stacked crates. It is undeniably sturdy and resilient that the material is hard to damage. This is the primary reason why it’s the first choice of busy commercial areas.

Furthermore, stained concrete is fire resistant and energy efficient. It has thermal mass which helps reduce the dependence on heating and air conditioning systems.

Finally, you are one step away in taking advantage of these benefits. Contact us now and let’s get started!

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