​Stamped Concrete & Overlays

It can’t be denied: concrete is not great for achieving every look. At Montgomery Concrete Staining Pros, we understand this and it pains us to say it, but some styles can never be achieved by concrete alone. Even if you stain is beautifully, you polish it to perfection or you coat it with loving care, it still won’t be enough for some people’s style tastes. It has been a tough fact to accept but we finally have accepted it.

Or, to put it more accurately, we had accepted it, until we realized that it wasn’t true. Nope! We are truly happy to announce that concrete really can do everything after all. This section of our service concerns stamped concrete and overlays, which is a two part process that we can outline here on our website.

The first is stamped concrete. Don’t worry, we are planning on bringing in bulldozers, elephants or a team of workers with steel boots to walk all over your lovely floors. Rather, stamped concrete is the term used to describe the effect that is achieved by partitioning concrete into the pattern that best suits your environment. For example, textured and imprinted concrete can completely transform the look of a space. It can replicate pebble dash, stones, slate tiles and flagstones, intricate brickwork and even… wood! This understandably makes it an incredibly popular choice for people who have patios, driveways decking and any other expanse of concrete that could be more beautiful with a bit of love and care. It is cost-effective, versatile and even requires less maintenance than other kinds of floor materials. You cannot lose!

Then, we have overlays. This is the process whereby concrete can be transformed to achieve the look you want, without some of the difficulty of stamping. Don’t get us wrong, we love stamping concrete for you and it is a job we are fully accomplished in. But if you would rather get it done quicker and without the heavy-duty work required, then overlays are a good alternative to look into. Here, we take an already existing piece of concrete and we duplicate or imitate the color, pattern and detail of other kinds of flooring directly over your hard and durable surfaces. It is a great process if you want to achieve looks such as natural stone, slate, wood and tiling.

As is always, we like to remain consistent at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro. So, the process for both of these works is relatively similar. First, we begin with an inspection. Then we give you accurate costings and quotes. Then we agree on the work that needs doing and a time frame that is suitable. After all that is done, we do what we love to do and get the work going!

The only differences between the jobs are they types of work they require and the clean up jobs, which may vary from task to task. But, rest assured, all of this is something to be talked about in detail before the work can begin. With all that said then, give us a call to get the ball rolling today!

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