Some of the members of the crew here at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro like to say that resurfacing is where we really earn our chops. Indeed, whilst all of us can mix it with the staining, polishing and coating aspects of our work, you don’t fall into working with concrete unless you have a particular love of hard materials. So, one way or another, we all harbor a special place in your hearts for the raw material we make a living from: concrete.

That is why, when something goes wrong in your homes or in your buildings with a concrete surface, we will always be on hand to offer support, professional advice and great customer service with a smile. Resurfacing only becomes required when their is age-damage or the possibility of damage in the future. In both of these cases, it is important to get professional help in order to feel secure about your surface in the future. Whilst a crack may seem innocuous at first, it can have consequences later that are not so harmless. Indeed, concrete has become a staple part of how we build our structures. We use it to plug gaps, to provide solid expanses of hard material and also to support ourselves and the buildings we live and work in. So therefore, the question of concrete surface repair and maintenance is is no small matter. At Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro, we understand how important your homes, yards and work spaces are to you and that is why we will do everything in our power to resurface your concrete properly and leave you feeling secure about the future of your buildings.

First things first – heavy boots and protective gear is put on. We can’t deny that this is a part of the job that we love. Then a full-scale cleaning process takes place whereby we identify the problem areas in the concrete, find out what the weaknesses are and remove any substances that are lying on top of the substrate.

Once we have done all that, we will discuss the job with you, the client, and tell you exactly what it is we can do to help. We will propose a proper plan and get your complete approval before signing off on any work that needs doing. We always strive to set realistic deadlines and if for whatever reason they cannot be reached, there will be a very good reason.

Now comes the technical part. Often weakened concrete surfaces can happen as a result of tiny cracks forming throughout the material, often as a result of too much water being used in the original concrete mixture. If this is the case then we can patch up the areas and apply a standardized resurfacer to create a new, secure layer on the top of the concrete object.

In severe cases, where there are several cracks that have amounted to considerable damage, we will assess what is best alongside health and safety regulations and we will advise which resource is most suitable for you. This can vary depending upon the type of structure it is and the purpose of the concrete.

If you feel like this type of work is suitable for you, get in touch with us now to schedule a free inspection and take the first step towards stylish and secure concrete surfaces.

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