Our Day on the Haunted Montgomery Tours

So, we had been in the city of Montgomery, AL for the better part of 48 hours. During our stay, we had visited the historical sites and museums and felt it was about time to go for something different. Luckily for us, we were able to get a spot on the Haunted Montgomery Tours one of the Halloween offerings of the city.

It is essential to note that tours are offered on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to book in advance as the trip sells out really fast due to the limited spots. Our tour was scheduled for Friday, and we met our somberly attired guide known as Jeremy at the Village Gallery. In the spirit of Halloween, he was dressed in all black and wielded a large staff.

Not genuinely one to freak out at things, I must say the tour was pleasant, and there was a moment where I was genuinely spooked out. However, before that moment arrived, our guide was really informative with him taking us on a route downtown and pointing out some of the historic buildings and the stories attached to them. We spoke about the history of the city, the architecture of the old homes and some of the favorite horror stories such as the Dale’s Penthouse fire and the paranormal activities that are attached to the event.

We also spoke about WAPX madness (1974 downtown shootout) which has been turned into a documentary. However, there were also certain stories our guide told us that we were unaware of. An example was the story of a cursed painting (hint: you’ll have to go on the tour to find out about it.). Generally, the atmosphere got a bit intense and thrilling after the exchange of ghost stories.

From the start of the tour, we had been walking on well-lit streets and did not really notice the change of terrain until we were walking along Perry Street towards Dexter and Irish Bred Pub. When we arrived here, our tour guide pointed at a sign for physic which was placed next to an abandoned storefront for an alleged voodoo witch. Freaked out is an understatement of how I felt.

After all, I had walked these streets for 2 days now and had never noticed this before. Besides, we also had a meal at Irish Bred the day back. I was excited but still a bit wary of this sudden insight that it is quite easy to overlook certain things.

Basically, every stop on tour was fodder for new discussions to take place. It also helped that our guide was well informed about the establishments as well as the paranormal activities that had once taken place there. There was also a revelation made about mystics for hire within Montgomery, and if you knew the right people, you could be connected to them.

One lesson I could clearly take away from this tour is the fact that, we are never as observant as we initially thought we were.

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