7 Things to Do in Montgomery, AL

Popularly referred to as the origin of the Civil Rights Movement, the city of Montgomery, is one of the must-visit locations for those greatly interested in the history of America. The town can be found on the eastern bank of the Alabama River. If you see that you want a little more fun mixed in with your history lesson, there are numerous activities on the waterfront bound to interest you.
Below, we have listed out some fun places and activities that you should try out when you find yourself within the Montgomery, AL region.

Things to Do

Pay a Visit to the Rsa Parks Library oand Museum

Interested in learning more about the woman who led the Montgomery Bus Boycott action? Then this is the right place to gain more insight. Apart from learning more about Rosa Parks, the museum is also dedicated to relaying information about the other individuals who were part of the act.

• Admire Art at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

An art lover? Then the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts should be one location you should try visiting during your stay in Montgomery. The museum boasts of an extensive collection of artworks, paintings, sculptures, porcelain and photography works. The collections are varied in nature with some focusing on African and Native American elements.

• Get Friendly with The Animals at the Montgomery Zoo

Have kids you need to keep entertained or are you curious about animals that can be found in an Australian habitat? Then, the Montgomery Zoo is the place to go to satisfy this curiosity. African animals such as cheetahs, giraffes, and hippos can be found here with monkeys, wallabies, kangaroos, flamingos, tigers, and rhinos from different parts of the world.

• Learn More About the Cattle Industry at the Mooseum

Once upon a time in Alabama history, cattle farming was a major contributor to the city’s wealth. At the Mooseum, you get to learn more about the cattle industry in the town from the year 1495 to date. The tour is really informative as it expounds on the different breeds of cattle, their eating habits, and digestive system as well as how they are reared and produce gotten from them.

• Unwind at the Riverfront Park

Going on a lot of museum tours can get you riled up and sometimes, the information shared can be overwhelming. Why not take a moment to unwind at the waterfront? From concerts to fun events, baseball games and boating, you can spend a fun time out relaxing on the grass or enjoying a picnic.

• Get Haunted on the Haunted Montgomery Tours

Experience the dark side of the city of Montgomery and its mystical legends. The city boasts of a host of haunted sites. Mass burial grounds and unsolved murders. Book a sit in advance as spots are limited.

• Relive the Jazz Years at Sous La Terre Legendary Blues and Jazz Club

Only open during the weekends and at midnight, the underground club features live blues and jazz music. Strong drinks and an open dance floor encourage a lively atmosphere.

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