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At Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro, we have a team full of talented and passionate men and women who aren’t just good at their jobs, they love what they do as well. This kind of attitude is achieved by rigorous training. We always have a commitment to great training along with high-quality, standardized equipment. But that’s not all. You can train someone to work with concrete but the other personality trait you need to work well at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro is one that is not so easy to train for – seamless customer service skills. We like our employees to merge both to ensure all your concrete needs are covered in a professional way and with a smile, too. We are serving Montgomery, AL, and its surrounding areas. Contact us today.

​Most people don’t think of concrete as a surface you can do much with. They think it is rigid, solid, and colorless. At Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro, we are here to change all that. We have years of experience working with concrete as professional contractors in the Montgomery, AL area. We will accept jobs that others won’t, we will show our high standards in commercial or residential projects, both big and small, and we will always strive to maintain high personal and professional standards.

Why? Because we understand that we are often working in spaces that are very important to you – be it a home or an office – and therefore the job needs to be something you are satisfied with.
​Sound like a lot of pressure, right? Not for us! We are comfortable working with folks in the community, building a respected image over years of hard work and great results.

We are proud to lay out the full range of our services here on this website. Rest assured, if you have a situation with a piece of concrete floor, we will have the answer. If it is decorative concrete, polished concrete, staining concrete, or even concrete floor resurfacing, we have the tools to complete the job. We can get technical too! Garage floor coatings and terrazzo epoxy, metallic epoxy and stamped overlays – they are all within our remit. Keep reading for more information.

Stained Concrete

Need your concrete floors and surfaces to look great? We have good news for you! The talented folks at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro have all the necessary tools and equipment to get suit all of your concrete needs through staining concrete. We can create a deep or translucent hue in an efficient way, with customer service as well!

Polished Concrete

When it comes to concrete surfaces, often people don’t want to have a colored expanse in the middle of their home or workspace. If this sounds like you then you are in luck! At Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro, we can create a great, minimalist look with a shiny surface or a matte finish. Pick up the phone today to see exactly what we can do for you!

​Garage Floor Coatings

More and more people have garages these days and most of us harbor a deep passion for our vehicles. The parts of garages that remain a bit overlooked, however, are their floors. We specialize in creating create finishes for exactly these surfaces. From cleaning to small restoration, we can make sure you have a secure and stylish garage floor.

​Epoxy Flooring ​

Epoxy is great for many different reasons. It is easy to install, it is cost-effective and it requires little to no maintenance once it is serving its purpose. But the consequences of botch jobs can be severe. If you have a concrete floor surface that could do with a little love and care, be sure to contact the professionals at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro for all your concrete needs.

Stamped Concrete & Overlays

In reality, these are two great processes combined into one. If like us, you realize that not every look can be achieved through concrete alone, then you will be happy to know we have the answer. Stamped concrete floor and its sibling, overlays, are both great ways to transform concrete into a stone look, a tiled effect, or even a wood-like finish.


This really is our bread and butter. Don’t be a victim to a weak concrete, the consequences can be a headache for years to come. If you notice cracks in your concrete or damage of any kind, get in touch with us at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro to find out exactly how we can help. We always serve our customers with a smile and with the utmost professionalism!

​“Getting a new garage is always great fun but the floor is normally something you don’t really think about. However, the boys at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro were near me to offer support. Now I have a new garage and a new floor and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend them every time.”
Jim L.
​“I bought a house in Montgomery, AL. I didn’t even know that decorative concrete floor was a thing! Now we have a lovely patterned path all the way up to the front door. I will definitely be recommending Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro to my friends. 10/10!”
Tim P.
​“We have a concrete patio in our garden for years and it was pretty neglected. It had plants growing through it, it was discolored and cracked. Thankfully, the MCSP guys and gals were ready to offer advice and support. Polishing, staining concrete, and replacing, they’ve got you covered. Now we can take people out into the yard without embarrassment!”
Kim H.

Contact Us

​As members of the community in Montgomery, AL, we are always happy to develop great customer-to-business relationships. Often, we are even working for people that we know anyway! But that is a central part of our ethos. It’s not just that great customer service leads to business results, it’s built into the DNA of the company, too. So, with that in mind give us a call or send us a message. We always love hearing from customers new and old at Montgomery Concrete Staining Pro.

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